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Wolf Alice will make your life better

Beautiful debut. Beautiful sound. Beautiful band. Wolf Alice entered at No. 2 in the official charts with their album My Love Is Cool and they were only 528 copies behind Florence! That’s the results published last Sunday.

Wolf-Alice-Concert-Event-Columbus-Ohio-Music-Event-Arena-District                 2015WolfAlice_MyLoveIsCool_120315

This lovely four-piece band from North London began its promising journey way back in February 2013 with releasing their debut single Fluffy. The debate on their sound and style is very vivid and goes from folk-tinged pop with a little bit of grunge to indie rock. The band itself chose the rocky pop description. Personally, after hearing Giant Peach I was expecting more rocky vibes but I must say the surprise was rather pleasant. It’s still rocky just more subtle, I suppose.

Wolf Alice rocked at the Glastonbury last weekend gathering vast crowd and outstanding reviews. I really hope to see them live very soon.

Listen to the beautiful single Bros below. It’s good for your soul!

They also did the stunning cover of Years & Years Desire in the Live Lounge last week.