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Slaves and their Sockets

You know that one band you really enjoy but you keep asking yourself ‘Why really?’ Well, they’re mine.


The British duo, Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman, unveiled the new video for the track Sockets. And it’s no different from the song itself. It’s madness! With a very strong lyrics.. A love story, actually. Not a sane one, obviously. But that does not make it less beautiful.

Ciaran Lyons, the person behind the clip, plays the main character – a guy sitting in front of the TV, who let’s admit, is most likely very much and hopelessly in love. The director made a few comments in the press release about his piece of art:

Laurie and Isaac’s initial idea really caught my attention – they wanted electrical plugs going into eye sockets.

My aim was to create a video that looked like an episode of Bottom directed by Jan Svankmajer. This aesthetic concept guided all my decision making – the grimy production design, the extensive use of action-based close-ups, the slapstick violence, and the Rick Mayall inspired performance. The shoot was divided into two different sections. They turned out to be hilariously different from each other.

The first part took place in a London studio with the band. Laurie and Isaac are great natural performers, and we had a full camera crew, so it was pretty much a case of me standing back and saying: “Just do your thing”. 

The second part took place in a flat in Glasgow. It was me, my girlfriend and a good pal shut up in a blacked out room with a stills camera for 3 days. For this section, it was a case of me saying: “Do I look greasy enough?” and “Try to make the whisk hit me in the face”.

The single is out on September 4th featuring a brand new track In dog years you’re dead. Well, I already like the title!

For now though, I don’t know what about you..but I’m not going anywhere near the plugs. Or electricity. Or love in general.

But I love Slaves for that little bit of creepy stuff they tend to deliver. And I must say I still like this song best!

Their debut album Are You Satisfied? was released in June climbing up to Number 8 in the UK Album Chart.