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ZIBRA in Paris – watch the new video!

The moment I thought my bands couldn’t get any weirder I came across this one.  And it all happened in a slightly different order. First, I saw them live and I went Hey! This band is actually really good! After that, all music followed. They were supporting Sunset Sons on tour earlier this year and they were fantastic!

ZIBRA are one of those bands who have got this thing. That IT – the secret ingredient that makes a band interesting and special. Plus the image! Just look at them. With charisma like that they’ll be just fine.


The London trio – Sam Battle, Russell Jones and Ben Everest – appeared on the music scene last year bringing the new mix of indie-electro-rock with disco riffs. They’ve already been played on BBC Radio 1, they delivered a great performance at Glastonbury so I reckon we should expect more fuss around them pretty soon.

ZIBRA are the sound of a VHS tape chewed up in an electrical system. Just watch the clip for Heartache and Chlorine. What a brilliant insanity! Guys, can I please be in your next music video?

But yeah, just so you know.. I’m getting a little bit obsessed with this band. I’m not gonna lie – their sound is very addictive. And listen to what they’ve done to the track King by Years and Years!


Again, brilliant! Not to mention the fact that just in seconds you’re dropped back in the 80s. Or earlier perhaps.

Regarding the new video for Paris [watch it below] Sam stated:

It’s about not being the biggest fan of city life, Paris got the short straw because it fitted with the song, not because it’s any better or any worse than other cities, cities just don’t have enough tractors or badly souped up Vauxhall Nova’s.

The song is due for release on September 7th and with the beginning of that month the group will start touring with Rat Boy across the UK. Getting to see these two acts on the same stage and on the same day will be quite a challenge. Well, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

For now, check their latest EP3000!

And remember – weird is good. Always.