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The new song to ruin

I’ve found myself another song to ruin. Oops, I did it again. Yep. Remember that feeling when you hear a song and from the very first note you know you’re hooked? On the loop. Constantly. Repeatedly. For a very long time. The rest does not sound the same any more. I try to fight it. Because after a while I wish I could go back. To that very first listen.. I can’t even tell where it starts and where it ends. Of course that has happened to many, many songs before. All ruined. So I present you the next victim of too much listening.


A friend of mine introduced me to Chet Faker a couple of years ago. Basically, she was looking for a company to go to one of his shows.  I wasn’t familiar with his stuff then but I guess you can easily figure by now that I rarely say ‘No’ to the gig proposal. I gave a few listens to his album and so we went. Quite outstanding performance I must say. Extraordinary and extremely talented artist. Unfortunately, rather bad experience – because of all this couldn’t-care-less crowd. But let’s not go back there. It makes me angry every time. But seriously, why go to the concert and not to pay any attention?!

Anyway, this Melbourne singer-songwriter has teamed up with L.A. singer BANKS for the new project which includes a small redoing of his song 1998. The track premiered on Zane Lowe’s show on Beats 1 – God, I just realised how I miss having Mr Lowe in my ears.. I’ve got just few occasions to listen to his new radio show (time difference thank you for that) but I used to a lot when on BBC Radio 1. Good times. His music taste is one of the greatest. This man can do no wrong. But yes, the remix of 1998.. it’s basically the same original track taken from the Built on Glass record with BANKS’s vocals in the second half and a new verse. She’s definitely not one of my favourites but her silky contribution certainly gives the new version that smooth harmony and vibe. You are going to love it! Tune!

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