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Spector play the intimate show due to release of the new album

Spector. The newest addition to my (already very, very, very long) list of my favourites. This London four-piece has already made quite a mess. They took me by surprise smashing the door and I have a feeling they’re not in a mood to fix it any time soon. Well, I can get used to it. More breeze and fresher sounds. I hope it won’t get too windy though.

The second record is always a big deal, isn’t it? Will it be as good as the first one? Will it be different? Always big expectations. Spector played a very intimate instore show in Miranda Ace Hotel thanks to Sister Ray Ace last Saturday 22nd August proving they’re doing just fine. Even excellent I would say. With charisma like theirs, they can do no wrong.


Great experience. There’s always something special about these small gigs. The atmosphere, the people, just a small room. And everyone knows why they came here. The music they love and the band they love.

I was actually trying to find the reason why I like this band so much. Besides the obvious, obviously. I mean their sound really suits me but I was looking for something more, something I felt I was overlooking. The other day I was listening to the new record before I got this beauty in my hands.


Like you know.. you need to give it a spin around a couple of times to decide which songs will stay with you forever and which you will skip (because let’s face it, no matter how great a band is there’s always that one song). So yes, I was listening to Moth Boys and then I figured I’d go back in time and played the first record Enjoy It While It Lasts. And suddenly it stroke me. The sceptical irony, the cynical self-awareness, the funny seriousness. Almost like my personality! So yes, we have a connection. A very strong one. Sort of True Love (For Now) – see what I did there? Clever.

After leaving of their guitarist Christopher Burman in 2013 the band took some time off to clear their heads and decide which path they want to follow. It was time for some changes. Spector turned towards revolving and reinventing themselves. The sophomore album still provides a lot of this lovely indie-rock wit accompanied by more synths. Lyrically genius as usual. In a chat with DIY Magazine the frontman Fred Macpherson said

We weren’t a consistent band before. We were just a set of disparate ideas and a desire to be whatever. I think now, having taken some time, we make more sense. We do love laughing and making jokes and stuff, but it became more important for us to actually see the good in our music rather than just see the bad in ourselves.

Moth Boys played a short set starting with some of the old faves like Chevy Thunder, going through funky Cocktail Party, beautiful Kyoto Garden and the edgy Decade of Decay, stopping by the clappy bits of Never Fade Away and finally finishing with the absolute winner All The Sad Young Men.



My personal favourite picture of Fred and Jed from the show. I think my photographic skills might be improving. About time!


Spector are going on tour across UK this October so make sure you go and see them! Lovely lads. And YASS for matching shirts!

This song will definitely land on my wedding (if somehow, coincidentally, by any chance ever happens) playlist.

It’s all meaningless now,

as it was meaningless then

Moth Boys were released on 21st August via Fiction Records.

I feel like we can now start writing knowing that it’s coming from an honest place, that we’re not trying to play a trick on ourselves.