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Interview // Your Invite to the HAUS Party

I’m back! Did you miss me? It’s fine, you can lie.

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas break and awesome NYE!

Back to business now. Music awaits.

Let’s start this year with a band that will definitely own a big part of 2016. And here are the reasons.

First, they blend almost every possible genre of music and create their own specific and phenomenal sound. You dig and dig deeper and discover something new every time you listen to their tunes. Like there is the infinite number of layers and layers.. And layers.

And those vocals, of course. I mean, come on! You can’t tell me you’re not hooked after hearing the first note.

Plus, they can make the smallest venue feel like an arena. With all that stage diving and stuff.


When I was on my way to meet HAUS I was expecting them to be many things. But drinking tea with honey? This was definitely not on the list. With carrying their own kettle around? Nope. Definitely not. But I admire the sober approach. I mean, before the show at least. We all are professionals here.

When I arrived at the venue the band was getting ready for the gig, chilling and chatting a bit. You could sense that they had a strong connection and you just wanted to be part of the group. Great vibes.

I was introduced to HAUS a couple of months ago when a friend of mine dropped me their track Haze and I knew straight away I had to keep an eye on these guys. Delivering the finest rock-pop enhanced by some electronic influences and distinctive vocals they simply hypnotize you. And you just stop. Everything stops.

And speaking of everything.. Their second single Blinded was produced by Everything Everything’s very own guitarist Alex Robertshaw and mixed by the Cenzo Towndsend. I caught up with the lead singer Ashley Mulimba and the bassist Ellis Mortimer on Dec 17 before their show at the Moth Club in London and that’s what they had to say on the follow-up to their brilliant Haze. You can listen to the song below.

Firstly – Ashley begins –  it’s about being distracted from your main goal, main focus by things around you and people around you. And just recognize it.. that you’re being distracted and getting back on track. Working with Alex was cool. He’s a genius.

Yeah, Alex has so many unusual ideas that you wouldn’t think to put with like.. especially with our style of music – Ellis continues. He’s just really bringing the influences from many different places in. Hearing those things come together on a piece of music that you’ve written is inspiring.


Ellis Mortimer – Bass/Synth/BV’s and Ashley Mulimba – Vocals/Guitar


As for young lads, just entering their twenties, this five-piece from North London strikes with a powerful confidence and charisma, and great maturity which you can hear especially in their sound and lyrics. We talked about the whole genre thing, following or not any direction in music, personal influences and favourite artists and bands. As I said earlier – one big mix.

Basically, we just jam around – Ash states. We kinda like to pinch things from different areas, take different aspects from different kinds of music.

It varies so much – Ellis adds. We all listen to such a random selection of music. At the moment my favourite sort of music is grime music.

Me, at the moment..very melodic stuff – the lead singer says. But I like different bands for different reasons. [He even claims Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles to be the soundtrack of his life right now when asked to name only one song].

And again, as for the young band they’ve already been through some changes, evolving and searching for their own way.

It took us a long time to become HAUS – Ellis starts. Sam [Kelly – Guitar/BV’s] and I have been friends way back. We met Lyle [Simpson – Drums] and Daniel [Hylton – Guitar] in college and we’ve been playing together ever since. We met Ash through our former singer Jack. We met you and you joined the band pretty much on the same day.

Yeah, it was on a birthday party – Ash continues. We just jammed together once very drunk but it worked. But yes, it took us a long time to find the direction we really want to go. Obviously, Jack is an amazing guy but he just had other things going on which didn’t really allow him to be involved as much as he should’ve been.

So what’s next?

After this tour we’ll take a little break and get back into the studio and work on the record – Ash says.

Yeah, we’re gonna get some tour dates in February – Ellis mentions – but we’re just gonna spend January focusing on recording some stuff with Alex and Tom. We’ve got loads of stuff that are just itching to get out. So yes, it’s exciting.

How’s touring been so far?

It’s been sick – Ellis says without any hesitation.

Yeah, it’s been good – Ash agrees.

So tell me the best thing that has happened so far.

On this tour? – Ash asks.

To find out that we have a bed in the tour bus – Ellis decides. But yeah, I think just the reception of people who haven’t actually heard us before. That’s been the best for me just playing for new people and getting good response.

And the tour bus – Ash adds.

Yes, and the tour bus.

Of course, one wonders if it’s all that great or the band has some quiet days from time to time.

Any arguments? – Ellis begins. Yes, but usually just stupid things. 

And we get over it straight away – Ash says at the end – and to be fair it’s not that often comparing to how much we actually have fun with each other.

Well, it looks really fun if you ask me!

See some pics of HAUS smashing the Moth Club last month and go and see them playing live next time they’re around. Believe me, you won’t regret it!