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MYSTERY JETS New Music Video // “Bubblegum”

MYSTERY JETS unveil new music video for the next single Bubblegum.


Taken from the latest magnificent album Curve of the Earth this track is all about revisiting the past. Harrison sings Took a walk down memory lane Just to see what still remained Only to find out just about everything had changed just to leave us with some deep belief and hope that the world in which you find Yourself is better than the one you leave behind. 

For this particular clip Mystery Jets decided to get closer to the curve of the Earth and moved away from the land. Always seeking any unique surroundings, aren’t they? And they literally revisit the past.

Seven miles off the British coast you can find a place called Red Sands – giant constructions built during the WWII as a defence mechanism. The video sees the band occupying these massive lighthouses (off-limits to the public) as they fish for their own instruments in the sea.

Shot using drones and technical equipment Bubblegum creates magnetic visuals which blend perfectly with Mystery Jets‘ singular music palette. Outstanding.

Watch the video below.