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JAKE BUGG Gig Review // Sold out Show at Electric Brixton

JAKE BUGG play a sold out show at Electric Brixton in London.

It’s been a while since Shangri La (2013). Even a longer while since the self-titled debut album (2012). I think Mr. Bugg, it’s fair to say now – enough of that hiding.

I believe I can speak for everyone here that we all got very excited after hearing news about the release of On My One. About time! Waiting makes me really nervous.

Anyhow, Jake Bugg delivered a round of shows last week in London. I caught him playing at Electric Brixton on Mar 10 just after The Dome Tufnell Park and just before the Bush Hall gig.

I remember arriving at the venue quite early. Around 10 mins before the doors were about to open. It was freezing. And the queue was MASSIVE! But it hit me just then you know, that not only Jake Bugg had been hiding for the last 3 years but his biggest fans as well. And now they all have been crawling out of their holes.

All supporting artists – the amazing Georgie and one of my favourites Blossoms – did a pretty good job with warming up the crowd. The moment I found myself singing back at the latter I knew I was ready. But that was nothing comparing to the audience.

Opening with a confession I’m just a poor boy from Nottingham, I had my dreams Jake Bugg shapes a perfect preface to his tonight’s set. Using a downbeat On My One the British singer-songwriter creates a calm before the storm. Literally.

In a sec everyone drinks to remember and smokes to forget whilst Two Fingers hit the first notes. I got out, I got out, I’m alive but I’m here to stay easily slips into Seen It All letting all the gathered showcase their singing abilities. Please mind, we’re only at the third track here.

Jake Bugg confidently intertwines these good oldies with a material taken from the second record spinning Simple Pleasures and Me and You, just to present some brand new songs. The Love We’re Hoping For, Never Wanna Dance and Love, Hope and Misery get a play giving us a preview of what’s to expect from the album number three. The same old Nottingham boy evoking nostalgic times, still a little bit homesick but with a bigger maturity in his songwriting skills. As stated before, by the man himself, the content of new tracks was meant to be much darker than the previous ones. I guess we’re all about to find out.

But who am I kidding? Everyone will always love the first song the most. The one that won their hearts. As if the crowd has been holding back a little, the moment the strings of this old rusty guitar in Country Song build up, they all are ready to lose it. Because that’s when they all remember that we’re not all alone.

And we’re halfway through the set now, making a quick stop on an acoustic A Song About Love which suddenly bursts into a track There’s a Beast and We All Feed It what seems quite like a mood jump! But it is also a great opportunity to display the vocal range of this Northern young man.

As we find ourselves in the Trouble Town where Troubles are found Jake Bugg delivers another clever blend dropping more new tunes such as Bitter Salt, Livin’ Up Country and Put Out the Fire with a well-known accent of Kingpin and Taste It.

At this point everyone feels the slowly approaching end of the show. Especially, when Slumville Sunrise echoes across the room and the most dedicated moshers start to do their thing in the middle of the dance floor under that shining disco ball. You just gotta love this venue.

Jake Bugg is many things. But being a chatty type is definitely not one of them. Not even a single half-smile shows up across his face. And yet, a powerful charisma emanates from this talented guy and a bunch of people is ready to follow. Extraordinary.

And remember that storm mentioned earlier? Yes, it’s been going crazy throughout the entire performance. But of course, every storm must come to an end and send some lightnings down. This is when Lightning Bolt kicks in.

Finishing off with Gimmie The Love, introduced to the public as “This one goes to you”, Jake Bugg is brilliantly closing up the frame replying to his own opening line Oh, I’m so lonesome on my one.

Only, not any more. Not at this particular moment, at least.

Jake Bugg‘s third studio album On My One is set for release on June 17.













Photo: Kasia Osowiecka