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VIOLA BEACH New Music Video // “Boys That Sing”

VIOLA BEACH’s new animated music video for the track Boys That Sing has been unveiled.


The Warrington’s four-piece, along with their manager Craig Tarry, tragically died in a car crash in Sweden in February this year.

They were certainly destined for bigger things. Having continued to prove that with each release they tend to say: We’ve got our own unpredictability.

Now, a few months later, Viola Beach‘s eponymous album alongside the music video for the lead single Boys That Sing have been released. Having used their hometown as a background, the clip is a mix of animated characters based on the song’s lyrics and the live footage from the band’s Maida Vale session.

The music video was produced by UK and US based family and entertainment production company, Komixx Entertainment, together with their partner company Mackinnon & Saunders Digital Studios. Both companies made comments about their collaboration.

We are delighted to be able to produce an animation that reflects their songs, creativity and their unique talent – said Andrew Cole-Bulgin, joint CEO and Head of Film & TV, Komixx Media Group.

We were very moved by the band’s story, the album is a great legacy of the band’s musical talent and we felt very honoured to be approached by their families to help create the video for the new single – Ian Mackinnon, co-founder of Mackinnon & Saunders, added.

The clip was created entirely with the support from the band’s families who stated:

We are happy to reveal the music video for “Boys That Sing”, which has been fantastically animated by local animators, MacKinnon and Saunders. We think it’s a perfect tribute to Jack, Kris, River, Tom and Craig and also to the town that they were so proud to call their home.

I had a pleasure to personally know the band. They were fantastic musicians and extraordinary human beings. Just five lads trying to get the most out of every given moment. In the latest, and the only one, interview Kris Leonard said:

The whole concept of the band is escapism. Not only being in a band is a way to escape from where we lived. We come from a very industrial town in the North of England, Warrington, but the actual name is a hypothetical place, a state of mind to go to when you’re feeling down. It’s just that, a happy place people can go to. I guess it was a nice idea that, maybe when people are sad, they can listen to our tunes or come to our gig. 

So let’s all do exactly that. Pay tribute, show our love and listen to their tunes.

Viola Beach‘s self-titled album is out now via the band’s own label Fuller Beans Records. Watch the clip below!