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ALL THEM WITCHES Gig Review // Scala

ALL THEM WITCHES return to the UK with a headline tour.

A little bit of Nashville came to London on a Tuesday night in the form of All Them Witches. Following their sold-out European tour the band arrived at King’s Cross’s Scala to make a whole lot of noise.

Bringing the soul with his distinctive vocals and vibrating bass, Charles Michael Parks, set the scene. With the band’s latest album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, their more than generous catalogue of music displayed diversity and unmistakable style.

The track Charles William setting the pace, seducing the crowd and making one particular fan happy, offering to take Parks home, but gracelessly declining. With quite a strong, almost cult following, the Nashville four-piece brings expectation of performance.

What felt like a glimpse into a jam session in a cabin in Tennessee, the guys didn’t crumble under the pressure. They showed confidence and restraint, with such a bold and gritty sound there was no need for an over-animated performance. They brought the smooth Nashville vibes with their dark blues and earthy sound. Showing elements of a diverse range of influences and genres, it showcased their unique point of view and had a little something for everyone. Particularly the tracks Open Passageways and Call Me Star presenting just that.

The band has a strong ability of creating these flowing moments during the show just to throw down something epic in an instant. Heads where banging in appreciation at a rapid pace. Robby Staebler‘s drums were perfectly rhythmic and layered also smooth yet raw while guitarist Ben McLeod humbly showed off his mammoth and insane guitar work. Together showing their skill set in ambient sections of the songs, letting the music fill Scala and almost breaking straight through the walls.

The audience showed a wide diversity in age, the younger and older both pushing around the mosh. Guitars and keys were heavy and fluid, perfectly timed and beautifully atmospheric.

At no point did the crowd need to be pumped up, the music amplified straight through them and their heads nodded in appreciation. The spectrum of arrangements made the lyrics unfold letting Parks‘ charismatic vocals be drawn into the guitars and drums like a magnet, and leaving room for the keys to harmoniously electrify and form everything together.

All Them Witches defiantly left their make on London that night and making an impact on all those who were there. Just as the singer explains:

None of our shows are the same twice. It’s like jazz, where the main parts are there, but the rest is made up. We never say it, it just happens, we let the music talk for us.


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Photos: Liz Stephens