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HIGH TYDE Gig Review // Scala

HIGH TYDE live at Scala in London.

The four guys from Brighton made the trek up to London to blow Scala away. Bringing the chaos, an energetic show was unleashed. An adoring and loyal crowd were in store for one hell of a night.

Catchy hooks and soaring riffs are what these guys do without batting an eyelid, and put on a captivating show to add. Proving that these youngsters know a few things about working the stage. You wouldn’t know they were at the ripe age of 18 and 19. Hitting up Reading and Leeds Festival not that long ago, playing a headline show at Scala is to be expected from these guys, and a good way to wrap up one hell of a year.

As soon as they walked on stage screams echoed through the venue. Singer, Cody Thomas-Matthew, delivered confident and explosive vocals as their charged sound filled the space.

Surging guitars and heavy bass delivered in song, One Bullet, caught everyone’s attention. Yet perfectly transitioning into smoother songs with conviction. Bringing it down a notch, showing a little bit of a soul showcased a diverse aesthetic the guys have developed.

Showing dynamic range musically gives credit to the variety of refined influences High Tyde have acquired. In Gold guitars swayed and seduced along side fluid vocals. Not before exploding as the last chorus roared in. The crowd making the ground bounce and shake in time.

Giving credit to Connor Cheetham & Spencer Tobias-Williams. Shredding with mammoth force and creating a dynamic display in Dark Love. Allowing the percussion to transcend in at a rapid pace.

Louis Semlekan-Faith made sure the drums were direct to the point, loud and in abundance. Guitars were racing and base lines thudding created infectious melodies in Speak. Making it a little hard not to move uncontrollably, delivering a sense of urgency as the music intensified. Do What You Want turning up the heat, taking the crowd back to the summer even for a few minutes.

People rocked up on Tuesday night to have a good time and there was no doubt the patrons left nothing but satisfied. The energy kept surging through as each song unfolded. Thomas-Matthew launching into the crowd for a quick crowd surf and not holding back from getting amongst it. There was a strong sense of rapport with band and crowd. Ensuring getting rowdy and heads banging was to be expected during their set, and of course the crowd complied.

By the end of the set a few brave patrons were floating above heads, embracing the compelling energy created by the band. Leaving ears ringing, High Tyde delivered a dynamic and vivacious show. It unfolded with ease and they displayed an enormous amount of oomph.

If you are looking for a night of magnetising indie-pop-punk look no further than these guys. Make sure you try and keep up with the band as they take on 2017, if you can keep up with their pace that is.

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Photos: Liz Stephens