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SUGARTHIEF Send Optimistic Message in New Video

The choices are plenty when it comes to dreams.

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”

The Brummie four-piece has revealed new clip for their latest infectious single, Joy Affair.

Filmed in Stoke, the video makes a great visual accompaniment to the track as it underlines the endless possibility of choice. Having given the main character (lead singer of the band) two doors of opportunity it truly reflects the eagerness of a dreamer, or a band at the beginning of their career.

We’re fully captured and awaiting the end of the story impatiently, allowing ourselves a bashful sing-along as the raw but upbeat essence of the song remains intact.

Director Sion Campbell explains the concept of the video:

My understanding is that it’s all about going through the good, the bad, the ugly to get where you want to be. So I came up with the concept of having two doors of ‘opportunity’, which would reflect the choices all of us make in our lives. We can continue to make the same choices again and again, or we can take the risk for what we truly want and believe in. Finding our happiness in the choices we make.

Which is exactly what Sugarthief told us a while back:

Joy Affair” emphasises finding some optimism in the pessimism. It’s about embracing bad times instead of avoiding them.

Watch the video below!