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IFFY ORBIT ‘Let It Go’ in New Music Video

The youngsters of Iffy Orbit unveil visuals for their catchy cut, Let It Go.

Let It Go is an infectious guitar tune fused with heaps of unexpected twists and turns. The elements of surprise and the enthusiastic daze is mirrored in the visuals for the tune, released earlier this week.

Fulling on the psychedelic aspect of the melody, the video is a concoction of shifting lights, reflections and different turns. The dreamscape sets a surrealist approach giving a sense of emerging into a parallel universe of colours and shapes. The kaleidoscopic dimensions and the mystery of the visual coexist wondrously with the duality of the tune, giving a substance to the different shifts in the soundscape.

The band explains that:

All we wanted was to introduce the audience to our sound visually. The video was filmed in the same studio we shot the artwork for the album, and you can therefore find the same props we used throughout the video. Basically this is a visual teaser for our debut album.

The Oslo lot’s debut is set to be released sometime this summer through Toothfairy.