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CLUB KURU Unveil New Video for ‘Giving In’

Waiting At The Corner EP out now.

A new video out from five-piece Club Kuru for their latest single Giving In. Coming from their new EP Waiting At The Corner, the group of songs that have been crafted together and released at the perfect time.

Some psychedelic summer vibes coming at you with this latest tune. And the video paired to emphase those dreamy long days. What says summer like two woman on joyfully riding horses in English country side, accompanied by clips of singer, Erskine in a pristine white suit? Quite accurate in his description of his inspiration behind the video.

Singer Laurie Erskine explains:

I was thinking of an old man looking back on his life and his relationships. The ménage à trois he still dreams of, the lost love and the bad choices he made, so this song’s like a little snippet from his dreams and his nightmares. Where did he go wrong?