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CHILDHOOD Bring ‘Californian Light’ to London in New Video

Childhood are back with wonderfully vibrant Californian Light, the first single of the band’s forthcoming album Universal High.

It’s been quiet from Childhood since the release of their debut, Lacuna, in 2014. The band behind bangers such as Blue Velvet and As I Am are finally back, announcing their sophomore album with lucid psych tune Californian Light.

The tune embodies that certain soaring feeling that hazy days or warm summer nights might bring. With luscious guitars and a daunting bassline, the liquid layers intertwine in a constellation of euphoric sparkles and hopeful ideas. Capturing the sort of urban awareness, Childhood certainly convey their London influences through the track.

This also reads in the video accompanying the piece. As an ode to South London, it furthers the lyrical maturity and appreciation.

The band stated that:

Ironically, the sentiment of ‘Californian Light’, has nothing to do with the sunshine state at all. More it was written as an ode to my relationships that define me as a person in London. The ‘light’ itself is a reference to an experience me and a bunch of my best friends (George the director included) had in San Fransisco. What we thought was an inviting celestial light, whilst we ran around inebriated one evening, actually turned out to be a beaming light from 2 cop cars, with their guns pointed directly at us. This deception of when something you feel is eternal and magnificent, turns out to be a brutal sobering reality, was a notion i used to sum up a lot of the relationships I’ve had in London over the years.

The album, Universal High, is out on 21 July via Marathon Artists.