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Top Three at EXIT FESTIVAL 2017

This year EXIT Festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, presenting 4 festivals in 4 different countries in the region.

Another year another round of summer festivals. Last weekend we made the trek over to Novi Sad in Serbia for the massive event that is EXIT Festival. On a hill, in a fortress under the lethal Serbian summer sun the festival was held over five long nights with the theme of Summer of Love.

Bringing some epic names to the event, a diverse range of artists across an enormous amount of stages, it seemed impossible to catch them all. Here are a few of our favourites from the long list of performances.

Liam Gallagher

It goes without saying that when Mr. Gallagher turns up to perform you have no choice but to witness it. Putting together a set composed of new tunes from his upcoming debut solo album, As You Were and some old songs of course. It was the perfect way to recover from a long hot air that filled the day two of the festival. Opening with Rock ‘N’ Roll Star and transitioning into Morning Glory, he had the crowd pumped up relentlessly. Never a man to give too much away, he gave a shout out to his mate Vlad that was from around these parts, and who’s a good lad in his words. As Liam Gallagher said himself, we didn’t come all this way to not play Wonderwall. Done acoustically it had everyone singing along and was quite the moment with the legend himself.


Appearing on the main stage on Saturday night, the Australian trio blew up the whole night to say the least. The always humble RÜFÜS, performed for the first time in Serbia, presenting the set full of summer soundtrack, so fitting for the vibes of the festival. A glance through the crowd and I saw people singing along to every word and dancing their butts off. Their mammoth tune that is Innerbloom was a moment for everyone to chill out for a bit. “Everyone close your eyes with me and let’s share this moment”, said singer Tyrone Lindqvist. The three of them looked like they were having as much fun as the crowd were, grinning infectiously. Fellow Australians, myself included could be spotted sporting Australian flags and even doing the notorious Australian ritual that is a shoey. For those who are unfamiliar of the act, it is when someone pours an alcoholic beverage into their worn shoe and scull said drink. Some things don’t need to be questioned.

The Killers

The official openers of the festival, The Killers, had the task of performing on the main stage on Day 0 to kick off EXIT. These veterans had the thing in the bag without a doubt. Singer Brandon Flowers moving across the stage ever so smoothly and proving his vocal range was perfection. Their distinctive sound was showcased and brought back some nostalgic moments with Somebody Told Me, When You Were Young and All These Things That I’ve Done, feeling as fresh as ever. As they ducked back stage, the crowd cheered them back on for four songs to close the first day. My personal favourite moment was when Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine started to play. The crowd were pumped and the intensity of the song was pure magic. Closing with their most notorious hit, Mr. Brightside, it was a real moment on and off stage. It surely brought the love to the Summer of Love themed festival.

Photos: Liz Stephens