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Album Review // THE GOSPEL YOUTH ‘Always Lose’

England’s South Coast pop rock band The Gospel Youth triumph on their debut album, Always Lose.

It’s no revelation that music possesses the ability to heal and channel our emotions easily. No wonder people still turn to it when life gets a little bit too much. After releasing 12 crowdfunded singles in 12 months, The Gospel Youth now open up about their fears and hopes as they release their debut full-length, Always Lose. Encapsulating the pure essence of pop punk music within 10 refined tracks, it is a vivid portrayal of human condition.

I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies is a graceful introduction to the emotional rollercoaster the band puts us on throughout the record. Subtle on the piano-laden verse and punchy as it unfolds its power, the track gradually bursts with a thrilling flair for infectious hooks.

Bringing forth the smooth concoction of melodic guitars and intensifying drums, Wildfire ignites a spark that keeps burning up and reappearing on every song. “We all fight battles all the time”, Sam Little sings, making the lyricism shine with relatable and honest content. With a tinge of piercing stubbornness seized within the lyrics “I am meant for something more”, it doesn’t take long for the message to plant seeds of hope in our hearts.

The Gospel Youth continue to unravel torments of their soul as Tired Eyes & Heavy Hearts hits us. Built upon arena-worthy chorus and a masterful tempo play, the blistering soundscape exposes, with a brave willingness, the band’s vulnerable nature.

The album’s strength lies within its simplicity that flourishes throughout. Wrapped up in the hard-edged melodies, Gin & Black Coffee surely will get you up on your feet whereas Revolutions will take it down a notch for a while. Building to a grandiose crescendo, it is a perfect moment to appreciate Sam’s broad vocal range.

Whilst Moods Like English Weather transforms into a pure jam of crushing riffs and fast-paced drum work, the blend the band thrives in, one of the most outstanding tracks on the record, Kids is a nod towards their 2014’s release. Evoking the nostalgic accent, the track successfully throwbacks the idea of runaway lovers and the endless possibilities the world holds in front of us. Steered by radiant rhythmic, it is a tune you will most likely play when driving around aimlessly with your car windows down.

In a world where thoughts and emotions are expressed by a random choice of emojis, The Gospel Youth have achieved something real and reflective on their debut album. Hurt, broken, lost, these are the dominant themes of Always Lose but the band never leave us without a positive note. “Always Lose is our story of the ups and downs that life throws at you and how despite everything, there’s always light after the darkness”, vocalist explains, and as we approach the ending we realise the grand authenticity of the journey we’ve been on. With the words hailing from the closing track: “I am trying to get better all the time”, we can only ask, aren’t we all?

“Music is what feelings sound like”, they tend to say so never mind the title because The Gospel Youth certainly win on this one.