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EP Review // LULLABY ‘Never Let The Devil In’

Lullaby present the vivaciousness drive on their debut EP, Never Let The Devil In, that will do anything but put you to sleep.

This five song EP is a confident statement from the four piece. With a range of influences that can be heard throughout this collection, Lullaby maintain a fresh approach from the start.

Familiar single A Lie and the opener launches in with mammoth guitars that get right up in your face. You start to gather that this will become their thread throughout Never Let The Devil In and your face will be completely melted at the finish. Knaggs’ vocals have a raw effortlessness that shows diverse range that balances the ever changing well-crafted riffs.

They have adapted effortlessly into creating and playing with the more approachable moments throughout this series of songs. Speed leading the way, you can see crowds singing/yelling and bouncing around in unison. Making this group of songs easily translatable to the live format.

As vocalist Lewis Knaggs says, “Speed is about moving through life too fast and feeling like you can’t quite keep up. It’s from the point of view of being with someone that has this effect on you as well.”

When moments like Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore and Never Let The Devil In come in you feel like you are picked up and put on a different path. Constructing a contrasting sound to previous tracks, it adds another layer and fresh perspective that I wasn’t expecting. It makes it that much more difficult to pick the shining moment from this EP as they all have a different aesthetic.

It is a strong start from these guys and as a vision of things to come, that they should be proud and confident with.