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Live // FRANK IERO & THE PATIENCE, Omeara, London

“London, my heart is full”, Frank Iero and The Patience bring their extensive UK tour to an end.

After relentless touring across the country throughout September and October, the time has come to round things off with the second London show. Yes, that’s right, second show as one surely is not enough for Frank Iero‘s fans.

Emotional as it is, tonight’s performance is undoubtedly destined to be a rowdy one. Despite queuing for a longer while, the crowd is super nice, respectively treating each other when trying to squeeze in close to the stage. Omeara is a pretty small venue and I can’t possibly imagine how this one will go down. Frank’s shows, and his fan base of course, are known for a rather raucous behaviour.

The time is almost up when a complete darkness covers the room, accompanied by the loud screams. Frank Iero and his Patience emerge on stage to a deep beat coming from the speakers before diving into the hard-hitting World Destroyer, the opening track of their last year’s album Parachutes. The audience does not hold anything back to the ripper of a chorus. Well, I expected it to be crazy but we’re on a first song here and security has already got their hands full with dragging bodies far from the stage.

“This song is a protest song”, Frank exclaims as the band surprisingly moves onto Crazy by The Homeless Gospel Choir, joined by the man himself, Derek Zanetti who was playing a supporting slot an hour earlier. “Who was at our first London show?!”, he asks as a bunch of hands shoot up in the air.

Tonight’s show is a quintessence of all things loud and mad, with a blistering soundscape of their catalogue and an appreciative attitude towards the audience. Weighted, Stitches and Joyriding are a nod to Frank’s debut solo album, Stomachaches, released in 2014, bringing back that familiar rawness that has been a driving force behind musician’s work ever since.

Frank Iero and The Patience dropped new EP, Keep The Coffins Coming, last month which saw Frank reimagine some of fan favourites. I’m A Mess strikes with furious riffs and piercing vocals, whilst BFF is a rendition of the outstanding Best Friends Forever (But Not Now) that features the singer’s daughters. As explained beforehand, Lily gave a permission to play “her song”, so it’s all good. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a group of voices aligned together, the track stands as a purely emotional moment of the set. They even fit a cover of It Aint’s Easy by David Bowie in, taking the nostalgia to a higher level.

“All I ever wanted was this. To write music and join a band to play in front of you. Because of you I get to live my dream. Thank you.”

So the madness continues as I watch Frank’s tour manager and crew give a hand with confronting the crowdsurfers and stage invasions. Basically, it just doesn’t stop. Omeara is such an intimate music space, and yet the fans manage to kick off a giant mosh pit. I am truly stunned. So is Frank, as we hear: “Okay, a few rules. First, look after each other. If someone falls you pick them up. Second, if someone is above your head you help them out and worry about your neck, alright?”.

Frank presents such a grateful and candid posture, astonished by the warm reception all throughout. “London, my heart is full”, he says as the band launches into the sharp melody of Oceans, setting a grand finale to the evening.

It’s been an emotional and bumpy ride for sure, and only as they’re about to hit the last chorus I spot a guy in the middle of the crowd who has been incessantly picking people up so they could crowdsurf. Well done mate. We could barely see the band onstage due to the constant invasions.

Following the trace of the last song, Frank Iero and The Patience disappear from the stage, and as I am devoured by the cold night I admit that this was a pretty awesome show. I guess we all need some patience now while waiting for them to visit us again.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka