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LEYYA Release New Single ‘Drumsolo’

Austrian indie-pop duo LEYYA announce new album, Sauna.

LEYYA have a gem of a track for your titled Drumsolo.

Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebeauer are the duo behind LEYYA, and together they have created a track full of manic bliss. Tricky drums, sporadic saxophones and synths that sound fresh and vibrant are packed together in this three and half minute tune.

LEYYA says:

‘Drumsolo’ is one of our favourite tracks of the new album – on the one hand it’s very complex (at one point it doesn’t even make sense music-theoretically) but on the other hand the melody is very catchy so you don’t notice its quirkiness – that’s what we always wanted our tracks to be like – different layers to discover depending on the listeners mood.