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VALLIS ALPS Share New Single ‘So Settled’

Sydney/New York-based electronic duo Vallis Alps release energetic new track, So Settled, taken from their Fable EP.

Bouncy and broody synths balance the ethereal vocals effortlessly once again, that seems to be their successful signature in their ever-growing catalogue. Vallis Alps‘ fresh sound is more vibrant on So Settled which shows their diverse aesthetic is forever changing.

Vallis Alps say of the track:

‘So Settled’ is a result of pushing our musical boundaries and shows an attitude shift in our writing process. When writing the Fable EP, we tried really hard to represent musical ideas that were almost fully formed in our heads. But with ‘So Settled’, as with our recent song ‘Oceans’, we tried to let go of those expectations and allow the song to go where it wanted. It naturally gave way to a song that is our most ‘acoustic’ sounding and immediately became the most fun to play live.