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Live: FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES // O2 Academy Brixton, London

Frank Carter holds nothing back as he sets Brixton Academy on fire – almost literally.

Well renowned for his explosive stage presence and compassionate statements, Frank Carter takes us into a world of encompassing darkness.

From the surrounding seduction of Spray Paint Love to the absolutely delirious Devil Inside Me, Carter puts on a ferocious performance. The dirty guitar work parallels with Carter’s vocals on a sublime level, casting character as well as recognition into the soundscape.

Dipping into the exquisite depth of Carter’s lyrics, the knife sharp balance between strikingly personal and the political antics gives the show a bigger dimension than its initial shape. The duality between the human touch and the larger than life performance is exactly what makes Carter’s show surface with such intricacy and energy.

Though the gig propels forward at a relentless speed, Carter takes moments to get real, to urge people, and particularly men, who might have a hard time to reach out and speak to someone. The frantic nature of their live set can feel overwhelming, yet these dips to the surface feel like anchor points, letting the grandness of Frank Carter really settle in.

The cutting message and fury of Paradise powers through, if there was ever a wall between Carter and his adoring fans, it’s definitely torn down by now. It has never felt more indulgent or right to hear someone spitefully spit: “You coward fucking scum”.

Having nearly defeated his catalogue, playing through 23 tracks in their entirety, Carter delves into Fangs once more. Just for the sake of it.

Everything good comes to an end, and as the show culminates in I Hate You, those three words have never felt more like a heartfelt declaration of love. Hammering through the transformational set, Frank Carter crushes any odds against him. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, there’s fireworks. As the man of the night states: “fucking hell, what an evening”, and it truly was.

Photos: Aurora Henni Krogh