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AMETHYSTS Release New Single ‘Be There’

We have been spoilt with the new release from Amethysts and their new track Be There.

This pure delight of a pop soundscape is full of soothing vocals, dreamy synths and deep drum beats. Amethysts aka Clarice and Simon have been hiding deep in the English countryside but it was defiantly worth it, if this was the fruits of their labor. The two-piece will hit the ground running into 2018 with a debut EP out this spring.

Discussing the single, the duo stated:

‘Be There’ explores and conveys the passion and ambition in us both, lyrically and musically. After an evening of jamming, its 6/8 time signature and catchy vocal line just fell into place within a few hours. It’s the first song we’ve written in 6/8. Clarice took to writing the lyrics from an optimistic yet emotional place hoping it would help to self heal during a personal family affair.