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BLAKK PEARL Shares Video for Debut Single ‘Cowboy’

Blakk Pearl won us over with her dreamy track Cowboy towards the end of last year and now has backed it up with a stunning video for it.

This London born, French inhabitant is talented in many facets other than music. Blakk Pearl has put this video together herself and has given you the chance to get lost in a fairytale for a few minutes. She is preparing to release her first EP in the next few months to hopefully continue this amazing journey she has set us up on.

Blakk Pearl shares:

I love 1930’s era cut-out animation, and when I came across this clip of these beautiful trio of fairies trying to help a soldier, who had lost his way in the woods, I knew it was the perfect video for ‘Cowboy.’ It tells the story of ‘Cowboy’ so beautifully and delicately, and in such a feminine way.