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BRYDE Announces Debut Album ‘Like An Island’

Bryde has released her first single of 2018 and what a bold way to enter the New Year.

To Be Brave is deep and dense with heart that Bryde perfects in every track she creates. The Wales-born and London-based artist’s vocals are intensely haunting and stunning at the same time, flourishing in every moment of the track.

Bryde explains:

‘To Be Brave’ was written as kind of a soft squeeze of the hand to many friends who have, like me, been through many a dark period and put on a brave face and just got on with it. It’s a comment about how we all live out certain episodes of our lives in such a public setting these days that I feel we almost edit them to appear flawless, nothing but smiles.

Bryde has been working on her debut LP, Like An Island, in London and LA, which will be presented to us on the 13th of April.


1. To Be Brave

2. Less Private

3. Flesh, Blood And Love Private

4. Peace Private

5. Fast Awake Private

6. Euphoria Private

7. Handstands Private

8. To Be Loved Private

9. Desire Private

10. Transparent Private

11. Steady Heart