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Live: THE INTERNET // The Forum, Melbourne

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place. In this case Wednesday at Melbourne’s The Forum was more wonderful than weird as we checked out The Internet.

The night opened with Melbourne native Kaiit who was charming and impressive to say the least. The Forum was defiantly the right size space for her massive vocal range and her contagious luminous attitude that made her performance that even more enjoyable.

As the lights went low and the smoke machine chugged along, the time had come for the band of the night to reveal themselves. As soon as they did the crowd didn’t need any encouragement. “What’s up everybody?”, they announced making adjustments to their instruments. In true fashion The Internet opened with copious amounts of energy and pure bliss which made an instant connection with the crowd.

The set started with Under Control and then Gabby. Singing back and forth from band to crowd, it’s like everyone had rehearsed this and I didn’t get the memo. Sleazy and bouncy bass only made the crowd get amongst the vibe even more and their soulful magic had defiantly taken effect.

This wasn’t just a night to celebrate the fruits of their labor as a band but individually as solo artists too. Brilliant in their own right, it only made the set that even more diverse and dynamic. By the third track it was Steve Lacy’s turn to turn it up a notch. With his ‘Britney’ mic on and ready to go, Lacy soared across the stage with his incredible blue guitar in hand for his track Some and then Ryd.

“You ready to dance? You sure you’re up for it? I think they’re up for it! Let’s take it way back”, Syd said as they started to play Dark Red. But only for a brief moment. It went silent and the crowd was proposed the question. “What happened?”, Syd asked. “They weren’t dancing enough? Oh damn. Let that be a warning to you! You weren’t feeling it? When I tell y’all to dance…. That means you need to dance. Steve’s up here dancing. We came all the way to Australia”. We had been warned. Obviously our dancing wasn’t up to standard. But that’s okay the crowd had this. ‘Dark Red’ started again.

Special Affair and Dontcha were up next continuing that high level of effortlessly cool and mellow beats. Got a little hit of sexy in those tracks as all of their songs do to be honest.

“You ready Chris?”, Syd introduced Christopher Allen Smith. Entering Dent Jusay, layered vocals and sleazy keys were filling The Forum and the crowd loved every second of it. What became so obvious as each track progressed is how much fun they were having on the stage and how much they wanted everyone to be in the same boat.

“Okay. I need your help with this next song. It’s from Ego Death. It’s called Just Saying. It’s about my ex soooooo (pause for reaction). When the chorus comes I need you to sing as loud as you can. For those who don’t know this song, shame on you! But I can help you out. I want you to think I’m your ex and you made as f*ck. I want you to scream like you angry”, Syd explained. “I need to hear you guys from the back. And a little more angry.” After a few practices the crowd’s vocals were officially warm. The part of the song that was practised was quiet therapeutic to be honest. And as ‘You f*cked up’ was chanted throughout The Forum you could tell some punters were saying it a little louder than others, obviously some personal force behind those words. Fair enough, I’m sure we all have someone we would like to yell that at.

It was now time for incredible vocalist and frontwoman Syd Tha Kyd to share some of her solo work. Body and Insecurities were her offerings and the crowd defiantly showed their love for these tracks too. A slight step away from the soulful jazz feel that The Internet tend to create and a little more R&B, it was a fantastic way to mix up the set and offer something else to it.

But back into their collective catalog with one of their biggest songs and rightly so. Girl was the track and its perfect smooth drum beats had everyone swaying and bouncing along. Syd’s hypnotising vocals truly shone in this track without a doubt. But sadly they had to leave and prepare for the next Laneway. Closing the night with Curse and Get Away it was the cherry on the cake.

Photos: Liz Stephens