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Live: DEAD! // 100 Club, London

It’s beautiful how a DEAD! gig can make you feel so alive. Taking on London’s eminent The 100 Club, Dead! prove why they’re one of the most prominent new bands on the horizon.

Hailing from Southampton, the now London based quartet brings the power of the sea with them as they set out to conquer the nation, one tour date at the time, and this night seems no different.

The ferocious energy is palpable from first slapping chord. Dead! hit the stage, ready with a confidence that’d fit the largest of venues. Filling out their sound with two guitars, the guys certainly have nailed their sound down to the little details. Opener, The Boys † The Boys has barely hit the first chorus, and the room has already given over to the power of Dead!’s frantic effervescence.

As with many young bands, Dead! possess a burning determination, yet they have the experience to harness their power, putting it forth in a refined and refreshing way. The subtle details in their workings as a band distinguish them from other rock and roll hopefuls. The honest lyrics function as a vehicle through the melodies, connecting the crowd with the performance as the words collide in heartfelt singalongs.

Bashing into another down and dirty tune, Up for Ran$om, the slapping riff barely masks the searing rage that threatens to pierce through at a moments notice. With a stark intensity, Alex’s vocals shape the soundscape, playing up against the thundering guitar melody. The refusal to ever quite settle seems to be just as much a part of their live show, as it seeps through in their recording, and the strive for something more is indeed everything we’ve come to expect from the gang.

The collective euphoria sees the boys of Dead! plough through the numbers of their recent debut, The Golden Age of Not Even Trying, at an alarming speed, barely stopping to catch a breath. Still, Alex somehow manage to charm with anecdotes to spark up the already adoring crowd.

Dead! do in many ways reach the ultimate state of a live show. The equal compassion and recklessness intertwine; it’s a state of youthful abandon at its best. The engaging atmosphere, so utterly precious it’s a first hand experience, opening your senses to sweaty grossness and marvellous delight.

Still shaping their musical path, Dead! is setting out for a glorious adventure. As for a band of the golden age of not even trying, they seem to be trying pretty hard – and they’re nailing it.

Photos: Aurora Henni Krogh

We also had a chat with the band about their debut album and you can read all about it in our first print issue which is available to pre-order now!