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Live: LUST FOR YOUTH // Moth Club, London

The Danish outfit brings their club pop to Hackney’s Moth Club.

Lust For Youth – a telling name that embodies the transcendence of the Copenhagen trio’s multitudes, perhaps better than the band initially planned for. Started as Hannes Norrvide’s solo project, Lust For Youth have now expanded into the full-fledged effort that we witness on stage this Friday. Embracing the eminent front man role, Hannes seems one with the fluid synth work that fills the venue.

With a voice that immediately brings forth memories of New Order’s Bernard Sumner, Hannes trails through the soundscape, submerged in the entity of the songs. The barely lit venue turns into a mystical dual dimension in the hands of Lust For Youth. The glittering pop hooks and bubbly innocence are neatly lined with the coldwave solitude, a juxtapose that is almost imposing when witnessed first-hand. The influence from the Danish scene is prevalent as Lust For Youth seemingly filters their pop work through the framing of post-punk, adding in industrial tinges to the foundation of their melodies.

It’s impressive how Lust For Youth still emote a hopefulness in contradiction to the wistful melancholy. This is also why the songs work both in a club concept but also as individually standing art installations. The complexity witness of a greater ambition than simply indulge in bass and club culture. Though this is not to be undermined, it’s refreshing to see a band striving for a more tangible intricacy.

Lust For Youth hits you on the very basic level of physical presence. With the surging bass swooping through the room, the physical sensation of their music is perhaps enforced by the lack of visual manifestation. The concert happens in almost complete darkness, yet Amanda Eriksson gets her moment to shine as she takes the lead role, swinging the mic in static noise, exploiting every glimpse of reaction to the point of almost grotesque indulgence. It’s as genuine as it’s genius.

From the subtle staccato of Epoetin Alfa to ethereal Running, Lust For Youth’s contrasts are one of their most prolific assets live. Their ability to keep a crowd dancing through the gloomier slices of synth pop splendour is immaculate. The compatible darkness still has a distinct silver lining of innocence.

Drawing to an end, the beaming ambition of the group is clearer than ever. Though their approach to the stage is low-lit in every sense of the word, it still has a glow of forward-thinking visions. Perhaps too savvy to pass for naïve, Lust For Youth still encompasses their name in the most dimensional approach you could imagine.