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Live: RAT BOY // O2 Academy Brixton, London

Taking on the eminent Brixton Academy, Rat Boy shows why he’s the devious voice of his generation.

Though the innovative musician sparks off to a ballsy start with unreleased material, his more than receptive fans seem to take every bouncy phrase in with hungry adoration. Having surfed a somewhat monumental hype over the past year, Rat Boy certainly has built an incredibly loyal, not to mention determined, following. And it also seems that they are the main fuel that will propel the show forward.

Taking on Brixton Academy is certainly a ballsy move for any young artist, and it is perhaps a venue that can swallow even the most prolific of performances. Though a commendable effort is put in, even Rat Boy stumbles at the hurdle of this milestone, however, the rebels of rap still put on a hell of a show.

Standing as the poster-boy for the millennial frustration, Rat Boy has staked out a steady course for a statement. Even his most recent offering Civil Disorder seems to follow the trail of prolific remarks, or as he might put it, rather eloquently paced rants. Either way, it’s as relatable as it is catchy, and the bombastic shifts in bass lines and riffs certainly helps keeping the live atmosphere at peak.

Though Rat Boy are at the prime when they play all strings, belting out vibrant melodies with an borderline recklessness, the moments of clarity seem surprisingly welcome. Album banger Laidback’s compact guitar work and brooding heartache served well as the emotional cushion for the occasion. Firing up the biggest singalong of the evening.

Older hits such as Move and Revolution caused the best kind of chaos as the air thickened with the sweaty fumes from about a thousand eager moshpitters. Recent single Be My Anime featured an interesting change of style as well as the only guest performance, and the incredible intensity and precision of the number almost made up for the inevitable end.

Following up with a surprisingly short encore, solely consisting of banger Kicked Outta School Rat Boy gather the remains of their seemingly endless energy to blast out one last mosh before it’s over. Though Rat Boy indeed made a brave attempt at the venue, the show did fall flat at times. Saved by hits and a dedication both from the group themselves and their fans, the show still stands as a feat. Though the approach may seem slightly wide-eyed, it’s this youthful abandon that’s the making of Rat Boy and for now, it’s still working.

Photos: Aurora Henni Krogh