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FAUX Unveil Video for ‘Body Heat’

Southampton outfit Faux are back with new clip for their single Body Heat.

The opening credits read “Southampton 1986”. Contemporary 80’s neon pink text introduces you to Faux and the song title, Body Heat. The camera leads you through a golden metallic curtain to a stage (a stage in the 80’s wasn’t a stage without a metallic curtain) where the band are taking in the applause of the audience. Already all those nostalgic feels have hit you, but when they start referencing the famous Johnny B Goode clip from Back To The Future; “Play the new sound? / Do you think they’re ready / I know they’re ready”, you can’t help but sink deep in your chair and open yourself up to what awaits.

Straight away Lee’s piercing vocals hit you and the drums come crashing in as you then get carried away on their energy and you soon find you’re smiling at all the goodness that is packed into this video. Cheesy goodness is in the bucket load! Overly plastic sunglasses, piano ties, a glorious mullet and synchronised dance routines are topped off by confetti filling the room. If you’re having a bad day, Faux will put the best cheesiest smile back on your face.