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FUTURE JR. Unveils 80’s Inspired Video for ‘Tell Me That I’m Wrong’

Future Jr. aka Matt Nainby has shared final instalment of his video trilogy, giving us yet another aesthetic delight.

Future Jr. has already proven his ability in crafting delicate ambient-pop, yet Tell Me That I’m Wrong soars even higher.

Taken from his debut EP, Vacancy, the track deals with the complexities of accepting your own shortfalls in order to make room for better things, and to stop running away from your own demons. Thematically heavy but built upon lighter melodic textures, the tune beautifully binds the sparkling electro-pop elements together.

Drawing inspiration from 80’s cinematography, the video makes an alluring visual accompaniment to the song, as Future Jr. explains:

I’m a massive fan of 80’s cinema. I came up with the idea after watching ‘The Warriors’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ back to back and wondered what a combination of those two movies might look like with a little bit of today’s aesthetic sprinkled in.