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Gabriel Black and Sofi De La Torre Team up on Twisted Love Fantasy ‘Jump’

Recruiting LA artist Sofi De La Torre, Gabriel Black is back with new offering Jump.

Jump clutches at your heart from the very start. With its marching beat it creates the essence of walking in solidarity, perfectly accompanying the lyrical content: “If you jump then I jump too”.

Gabriel Black is very deserving of the hype and the pairing with Sofi De La Torre on this track adds a beautiful reassuring quality to it. Very rarely do you get vocals that transcend from the auditory into the physical but Black’s vocals will haunt you long after the song is over.

The deep bassy synths do a masterful job in bringing you down low and keeping you there, the acoustic guitar is perfectly underused. I can’t say it’s a happy song, instead it’s a song about coalescence, about being so deep in love that your lives become one. It’s an ode to all the hopeless romantics out there.