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WIDE EYED BOY Release New Tune ‘Sun Again’

Wide Eye Boy are bringing back the long overdue summer sun with their new track Sun Again, a staple to any indie pop soundtrack.

Sun Again gets off to a slow start, but when Oliver Nagy kicks his vocals up a notch, the track soon builds into a euphoric delight. I have an urgency to hear this live and I will tell you now that my feet will barely touch the floor.

Tom Taylor’s drumming is instrumental in driving the energy with a well placed hand clapping opportunity as the song veers towards its end. Sun Again is asking for it to be turned up loud and unleashed upon the unsuspecting great outdoors. It’s insisting that you grab your best friend and run off into the sunset and not turn back.

It ticks all the boxes for escaping the humdrum of your life and after listening to this track the summer can’t get here soon enough!

Wide Eyed Boy explain:

‘Sun Again’ is about escape. Breaking out of that vicious cycle of mundane life and getting back that sense of freedom to go do whatever the hell you want.