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MAYDAY PARADE Announce New Album ‘Sunnyland’

The Tallahassee, Florida-based quintet Mayday Parade have confirmed details of their forthcoming new full-length, Sunnyland, out this June.

Set for a June 15th release, Sunnyland is the band’s 6th studio album and first with Rise Records.

To coincide with the album announcement, Mayday Parade have unveiled visuals for the first single, Piece Of Your Heart. Bringing forth the melodic sensibility of their debut record, A Lesson In Romantics, it is a truly poignant offering that already sounds like classic Mayday Parade. It’s good to have them back.

Vocalist Derek Sanders says:

‘Piece Of Your Heart’ is a song about true love. The video turned out very sweet – it gives me a warm feeling.

Guitarist Alex Garcia adds:

‘Piece Of Your Heart’ came into the batch of songs pretty late in the game. I remember hearing the chorus and definitely being floored by it. As we worked on it more and more, it really started to shine and felt so good. It’s crazy how sometimes things just really click when you’re working on music.

The album’s title comes from an abandoned hospital where the band members hung out as teenagers.

Sanders explains:

The hospital shut down sometime in the mid-’80s but then it just stayed there for decades. It was a super-creepy place—it was overgrown with vines, and still had some of the hospital beds and IV stands—but we have all these good memories of hanging out there when we were younger.


Never Sure
It’s Hard To Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts of Lightning
Piece of Your Heart
Is Nowhere
Take My Breath Away
Stay the Same
How Do You Like Me Now
Where You Are
If I Were You
Looks Red, Tastes Blue
Always Leaving

A few days after the album’s release, Mayday Parade will hit the road to headline this year’s final Warped Tour USA, which kicks off June 21st in Pomona, CA. Catch the band in the UK this Summer at the Download Festival, 8th June 2018.