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Top Three Acts at Live At Leeds 2018

This year’s Live At Leeds was a whirlwind: one day jam-packed with musical talent.

Out of the stacked line-up we managed to see quite a few sets in various venues across the town and we’ve picked our top three favourites.


This UK quartet rocked our socks off at the main stage early in festival day. Their new album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll, released only a day prior to the festival, is an indie-rock masterpiece. The selection of songs was balanced and well thought out for the short festival slot, with songs like Power hitting especially hard. Frontman Harry Koisser’s powerful vocals held their own amongst the rest of the band’s commanding sound. PEACE are sure to impress as they continue through their May tour and the rest of festival season.

2. Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad was yet another band to truly bring all of their pure rock power to Live At Leeds. The Aussie duo absolutely smashed their set at the Leeds Beckett 2 stage. Situated further down in the line-up, we feel bad for whoever missed this set. Zach Stephenson’s vocal tone is wonderful and its contrast to the grit of their performance was a welcome change to most rock we hear nowadays. The boys seemed the most relaxed and comfortable out of every other band we covered and by the end of their set the entire room was sweaty, including drummer Billy Fleming, who seemed to misplace his shirt at some point.

3. Blaenavon

Truth be told, we did not expect a large change from Blaenavon during this festival. The three-piece has taken a short break from performing while working on their sophomore album, but it did not show during their set. They brought everything they had to the stage and took a good risk in playing two new songs. We are always impressed by the timeless beauty that emanates from the songs off of their first album That’s Your Lot and the crowd was filled with hardcore fans of the band. It was a perfect way to wind down (or wind up) the night.

Photos: Morgan Winston