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DANCE GAVIN DANCE Release New Video for ‘Care

Dance Gavin Dance deliver a stunning video to accompany their poignant new single, Care.

Taken from their forthcoming album Artificial Selection which is set to be released on June 8th, Care features some dreamy guitar riffing, soaring vocals and everything else that makes Dance Gavin Dance so unique.

A soothing start with Tilian Pearson’s velvety vocals are matched with a delicate guitar countermelody. As the chorus kicks in, the juxtaposition of singer’s powerhouse voice and Jon Mess’ aggressive screams fit together perfectly to create a deeply impactful chorus. In typical Dance Gavin Dance style, the latter half of the song changes mood and the upbeat drums really drive the track forward, as the flowing lyrics become shorter and punchier.

The video is equally diverse; directed by Max Moore, it’s an insight into human emotions as much as anything. It follows the story of a heartbroken lover, climaxing with the pouring of gasoline over their ex’s house and a dramatic shot as the match falls and the house goes up in flames. Neon blue lights are offset by the hazy amber of the fire and the dull grey of the smoke afterwards, and it’s a fantastically colourful video. As Dance Gavin Dance sings, “God damn. It’s an obsession”, it is the perfect way to sum up how we feel about this latest song and we can’t wait for the album.