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THE BIG MOON // All Points East Festival 2018

A welcome reception was given to The Big Moon as they took over the Jägerhaus for All Points East.

London-based quartet The Big Moon were all smiles as they took over the Jägerhaus for its last set at All Points East last week. It was refreshing to see an all female outfit taking to the stage, and they dazzled the crowd with the charm and energy of their music. The audience was clearly very happy to see the band perform, enthusiastically chanting back and moving to the music. Kicking off with Silent Movie Susie, it’s a guitar-heavy, raucous track that is sure to get the crowd’s blood pumping. There was certainly a lot of singing along in the chorus, and everyone left with a beaming smile on their face.

Check out our photo gallery below of when The Big Moon played at the Jägerhaus of All Points East last week.

Photos: Athena Kam