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THE HUNNA // All Points East Festival 2018

The Hunna delivered an unforgettable set to a host of adoring fans, as Victoria Park was filled with heartfelt riffs and passionate melodies on a warm Friday night.

As the band ran onto stage, jumping into their first song Dare, the crowd went crazy for the quartet, cheering and singing along. Immediately diving into the catchy opening riff, it was an electrifying performance that certainly set the bar for the rest of their set. A particularly memorable moment was when a member of the crowd threw a cabbage at the band on stage, with frontman Ryan Potter chuckling, “This is the first time we’ve had a cabbage thrown at us on stage”, before throwing it back into the crowd.

Between their high energy songs, the band interacted with the crowd with an intimacy that made it feel like they were playing to a small room instead of the massive grounds of Victoria Park. The energy both onstage and offstage was an absolute delight to experience, with no shortages of dancing and crowdsurfing, and The Hunna’s lively set definitely made this a summer night to remember.

The Hunna smashed the North Stage at All Points East last week, and you can see our photo gallery below.

Photos: Athena Kam