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REAL FRIENDS Release Video for New Single ‘From The Outside’

Real Friends prepare us for summer with their latest single, From The Outside.

Real Friends have dropped their latest single, From The Outside, filled to the brim with infectious melodies and guitar hooks that will be stuck in your head for days.

Opening with a blast of summer air, the bright guitar melody will make you want to bop your head along. The massive chorus is made for sing-alongs, as the lively beat courses through your vein. What sounds like a happy-go-lucky tune initially turns out to be more introspective and pensive once you listen closely to the lyrics.

From The Outside sees Real Friends’ frontman Dan Lambton struggling to decide right from wrong, and not being able to communicate those feelings to friends and family. Dan explains:

This song in particular addresses uncertainties pertaining to not knowing what may be good for you or in your best interest. Whether it be medication, drugs, alcohol, psychiatric treatment, etc and generally not being able to navigate the inner workings of your mind to know what is going on with your mental state.

The accompanying video expresses the message of the song clearly, and between all the bright colours and fake smiles, we see that it’s all just an act.

Catch Real Friends headlining the final Vans Warped Tour across the US this summer.