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SLAVES Drop Video for Brand New Single ‘Cut And Run’

If you’re after a punk track to get stuck into, then look no further. If you’re after a Zumba workout video, then Slaves have also got you covered.

Slaves have made a resounding return to the scene with their newest single Cut And Run, a contagious punk track that will make you want to shake your hair and rock out.

Built around a staccato post-punk riff and double time drums, the track was lyrically inspired by a chance encounter Isaac had when a Conservative Party canvasser came knocking on his door. The repeated vocal phrases will be stuck in your head with its simple but catchy melody.

The video sees Slaves continuing their run of tongue-in-cheek interpretations of their tracks. In this video, the punk duo have abandoned their instruments, choosing instead to express themselves through the interpretive power of dance. Decamping to the Royal Academy of Dance, they have invented their own viral dance, the Cut And Run, which could easily pass for a Zumba workout with it’s simple but energetic moves. As a host of characters in the video are exposed to the dance through a TV they can’t turn off, their bewilderment turns to satisfaction as they join in the dance, unable to resist the alluring power of it. If you are after a laugh, a workout, or a banging punk track, then check this out.