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LIKE PACIFIC Announce New Album ‘In Spite Of Me’

Like Pacific have released new single In Spite Of Me with accompanying visuals.

Canadian punk quintet Like Pacific will make their hotly-anticipated return with sophomore album In Spite Of Me, set to be released on July 27th. To celebrate, the band has released a video to complement the titular track.

2018 has seen some great releases for pop punk, and Like Pacific continue raising the bar with their latest single, In Spite Of Me. Opening with the chorus stripped down, a nostalgic guitar line and vulnerable vocals give way to fervent drumming and enticing guitar hooks. This vein of energy continues throbbing underneath for the rest of the track, as a mix of clean vocals and shouts interplay to convey all of the emotion behind the track. The video for the single contains flickering and fading colours whilst the band performs the song.

The single is taken from the bands’s upcoming second album which shares the same name. Vocalist Jordan Black said:

When we wrote Distant Like You Asked, I felt super proud of writing an entire full length album but was very nervous. In Spite Of Me means more to me than anything I’ve ever done creatively. We worked super hard writing and recording this album. The hardest I’ve ever personally worked.

In Spite Of Me is due out on 27th July via Pure Noise Records.


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