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AKINE Releases New Single ‘Money In Your Mouth’

Bold new track from AKINE titled Money In Your Mouth isn’t messing around.

Money In Your Mouth is taken from AKINE‘s debut EP, Don’t Foster Fear, which is available now on Best Laid Plans Records.

AKINE’s distinctive and powerful vocals are put on show in this track and the quality of it is just down right impressive. Classic moments with pianos and string sequences make it feel indulgent and appropriate for the subject matter of the track. Coming at us with something compelling and fresh is exhilarating.

AKINE explains:

This one is pretty straight forward. I wrote this about a guy I was into, even though there was nothing to really like about him. He was obsessed with showing-off his privileged lifestyle, and in this song I say everything I never said to him whilst also attempting to de-glamorize that way of life, as it doesn’t do anything for me.