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EP Review // FIZZY BLOOD ‘Pink Magic’

Oozing with charisma, there’s definitely some magic happening on Fizzy Blood’s third EP, suitably titled Pink Magic.

Leeds quintet Fizzy Blood have certainly been making some waves in the UK DIY scene, and with their third EP Pink Magic, it is sure to propel them to further heights. Bringing a sound that marks their transition into a new era, the band stand to craft an identity for themselves within the four tracks that form the EP.

Their refusal to be boxed into a set genre has meant that the EP marks some of the most varied material we’ve heard from the band. From the hypnotic opening beats of Pink Magic, to the sultry bass riffs in Strangers, there’s something to be found for everyone on this EP.

A confident opening comes in the form of Pink Magic, where disco-infused beats are married with a healthy dose of punk grittiness. Distorted guitars cut through the vibrating beats, adding a twisted melody that weaves its way around the track. Declaring “I am the last man standing”, there’s a brazen confidence that states itself throughout the track.

Following on with CFO, you’re pulled out of your trance as the mesmerising beats give way to syncopation and faded vocals. As the bass kicks in and doubles the syncopation, the fuzziness is cut as the previously distant vocals are pulled into the forefront. Crooning “I wrote a love song for you”, the velvety vocals will send chills down your spine and leave your insides tingling. The grunginess of the verses are contrasted with the bright chorus, as the vocals shift to a higher register and guitars filter in through the thick bass texture. Keeping the energy driving right up to the last second, the instruments drop out to expose impassioned vocals for a theatrical ending.

Charming with a hit of pop in Strangers, it shows off a different side to the band. Alluring and effortlessly charismatic, you’ll be enticed by the looping guitar riff that is sure to fix itself in your head.

Finishing with Illusion, relentless percussion and hammering guitar opens the track. As the drums become a constant in the background, catchy guitar melodies and smooth vocals snake their way around, culminating in an arena-worthy chorus that leaves the EP on a high. With this EP, Fizzy Blood present a new identity for themselves and a readiness to tackle on the world.