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Live: THE MAGIC GANG // O2 Forum Kentish Town, London

Following the release of their illustrious self-titled debut album, The Magic Gang take on the Forum Kentish Town for their biggest UK headline show to date.

The Magic Gang - O2 Forum

After support from Drip Gloss and Spector, the evening was already well on its way.

Kicking off with all-time favourite Alright, the Brighton quartet are already living up to their name. With fun, crafty melodies and a bold attitude, The Magic Gang stick to their ways. One song in, and their exquisite trance of happy vibes is strongly radiated. Not wasting time, they continue into All This Way and Jasmine, showing their knack for getting a proper party going. Most of the ground floor is a mosh pit, with kids on shoulders and swaying arms. The intrinsic joy their music awakes is completely liberating, perhaps why everyone is already chanting out every word.

Notable tracks Caroline and Oh, Saki prove this, as the infatuating glee the guys possess transcends around, besotting us all. In-between they manage to cut the mood as bassist Angus Taylor settles himself behind a keyboard for Take Care. Singing the raw lyrics as if they’re being exposed for the first time, Taylor’s mesmerising intimacy is both engaging and praiseworthy. The crowd are already in the palm of his hand when the rest of the band join in for the more upbeat chorus. Following, the bolshy confidence of Oh, Saki set with gleaming guitar hooks, successfully creating that crisp contrast immediately after.

Happily returning to the 60s lovelorn indie, How Can I Compete bursts onto the setlist. Their trademark charming vocal harmonies give that temptation to shout every lyric. Each song breezes along idly, their admirable guitar-playing and open chords chime with optimism. With a brief encore, the finale of All That I Want Is You, creates a refreshingly sincere and thoughtful approach. Tightly squashed amongst others breathing in the sweaty air, you soon come to realise that this gang sure have got some magic to share around.

The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum The Magic Gang - O2 Forum

Photos: Lauren McDermott