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CONAN GRAY Releases Dreamy New Single ‘Generation Why’

Prepare to lose yourself in blissful bedroom pop with Conan Gray’s latest single, Generation Why.

Conan Gray 2018

Recently, there has been a bit of buzz around 19-year-old singer-songwriter Conan Gray and a listen to his newest single Generation Why will be sufficient to explain why this is. Dreamy and relaxed, prepare for waves of euphoria as hazes of electronics wash over you.

Opening with exquisite vocal harmonies that sigh ‘why’ in repetition, an electric beat provides the rhythmic grounding that will guide the track along. Conan’s soft vocals soon join the texture, and you can’t help but feel entirely encapsulated by them. Boasting a silky quality to the track, his high vocals are an absolute delight to listen to as they flow along smoothly, entering and exiting naturally without any indication. As electronics ring out in the chorus amongst a bed of heavenly vocals, you’ll feel yourself carried onto cloud nine and quit the trials and tribulations of daily life. Lyrically, Conan serves up a millennial call-to-arms swathed in double entendre and clever hooks, and you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia in the soft electronics.

The accompanying visuals are equally ethereal, as it sees Conan going about life in a suburb alongside his best friend. The scenes will be familiar to most, as screaming parents and sleepovers at a best friends house are all commonly encountered scenarios. Directed by Conan himself, he also features in the video as ‘Suburban Kid Losing His Mind’, and it’s a complementary visual representation of the chilled vibes of the track.