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HALSEY Shares Tender New Track ‘Without Me’

Emotionally exposed, the newest track from Halsey will tug at your heartstrings.

Halsey has released her first new solo material since the release of her sophomore album hopeless fountain kingdom in the form of poignant single Without Me, and you’ll be touched by the stunning sonics and heartbreaking lyrics.

A sorrowful electronic opening begins the track, before an electronic beat and low vocals join the texture, creating a defeated feeling as Halsey’s signature raspy vocals make their appearance. Singing “Found you when your heart was broke / I filled your cup until it overflowed”, it’s an affecting song about being badly treated in a relationship even when you’re supporting the other person. It opens up a very personal point of view from the songstress, and this exposure is matched in the sparse accompaniment of the track which creates an unmasked feeling. The betrayal and hurt will pierce through you in the chorus as Halsey’s high vocals leave a resounding impact as it delivers her pained feelings, as she questions “Tell me how’s it feel sitting up there?”. The subtle electronics allow Halsey’s vocals to take centre stage and deliver their message, and this understated accompaniment allows for listeners to focus on what is being sung and the feelings conveyed.

Delicately poignant, the new single showcases a raw side to the popular songstress that will show she is just as human as the rest of you, and suffers from the same hurting feelings.

Halsey explains:

Questioning your purpose and your effort in a relationship can be confusing and draining. But it’s important to self-reflect and know your worth and value. This record is about understanding your worth. It’s a very honest record. And it helped me prove to myself that I can still manifest my feelings into art after all this time. My music will always be the vehicle that carries my heart.