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BALCONY Release Stunning Video for ‘Parking Lots’

Dive into the nostalgia-inducing, ethereal daze of Balcony’s latest single, Parking Lots.

Balcony 2018

Celebrating the memories of youth, South London-based outfit Balcony capture nostalgia-tinged dreaminess in their latest offering, Parking Lots.

The sudden gaiety of youthfulness lies at the core of the track, creating an aura of carefreeness and playfulness. With its warm vocals, euphoric synths and infectious beats effortlessly aligning together, we are being taken on a journey through the myriad of jovial moments. Parking Lots surely serves up a breezy feeling, and you will be left wanting to stay in this impalpable, airy haze forever.

Reminiscent of the old days, the retro footage complement the sentimental hooks of the track perfectly, adding in to the lighthearted aesthetics. Watch the video below.