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KIDSMOKE Release Shimmering New Single ‘Rising Sun’

Gloriously uplifting, the newest Kidsmoke single will pull you into an indie dream.

Kidsmoke 2018

Welsh dream-pop quartet Kidsmoke bring out their soaring newest single Rising Sun. The track is the first to be taken off their upcoming album, which is currently pencilled in to be released next year.

Delivering a dreamy sound blended with a rousing texture, it’s a psychedelic journey that you’ll want to take. Swashes of electronics bring feelings of optimism and warmth, whilst guitars filter through like a spark of light. Smooth vocals float adrift, and it’s a track reminiscent of summer with its gorgeous harmonies and lyrics that convey feelings of strength and resilience. A pulsating energy throbs underneath the track and drives it towards a stirring ending that will send you off on a high.

Explaining the single, frontman Lance Williams says:

The first two lines I wrote for Rising Sun were ‘I don’t want to follow’ and ‘I feel your love”. I wanted the song to be centred around those lyrics, so I started thinking about how they could be linked somehow. The song ended up being about pushing against what other people expect of you, even if that pressure is coming from the people you are closest to.