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MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Share Visuals for ‘The Old Me’

The brand new video from Memphis May Fire brings a cinematic flourish to the track, breathing a deeper layer of interpretation to it.

Memphis May Fire 2018

American hard rockers Memphis May Fire are gearing up to release their sixth studio album, Broken, which will be out on November 16th via Rise Records.

The Old Me is the opening track of the album, and with its uncompromisingly honest lyrics and intense riffs, it’s an opening that you will remember for a while. The visuals expand upon the hard hitting nature of the lyrics, bringing a cinematic twist as lead singer Matty Mullins is both a kidnapper and the kidnapped.

Beginning with sprawling desert landscapes, it’s not long before it shifts to scenes of a kidnapping. Matty acts as both the kidnapper and the kidnapped, exploring the concept of the different facets of a person. Climaxing with an intense scene where both versions of Matty are entangled in a violent fight, the music matches this as harsh screams rip through the texture before settling back into the massive chorus.

Talking about the music video, Matty says:

[Director] Caleb Mallery always goes above and beyond to bring our songs to life visually. The ‘Me vs. Me’ concept of this video represents my inner battle with anxiety and depression. [It’s] the two versions of myself that are constantly at war with each other. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.