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KWASSA Releases New Video for ‘Moonwalking’

Coming back with a new name and new music, Moonwalking sees kwassa continuing his creative ventures under a new guise.

Kwassa 2018

Having made music for as long as he can remember, kwassa is the newest venture for Scott Verrill. Having played Glastonbury as part of the youngest band to play the festival whilst he was still in school, he has continued to go from strength to strength since. Having spent the last five years developing his sound under the name KYKO, we turn to a new chapter today as he releases his first single Moonwalking under his newest guise kwassa.

The video and track is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The vibrancy and joy of the track can be felt with every beat, as bouncy electronics accompany velvety vocals. An infectious melody will have you looping the track on repeat all day, and with its catchy finger-clicking, you simply can’t help but move along. The endearing dancing in the video will further fuel this urge, and with its stunning visuals, you’ll fall in love with everything being presented. As kwassa says about the video:

new name, new music, same me. I had a ball filming & recording this – what more could u need than plants, copious amounts of yellow & awkward dancing? i’m super proud of this one & hope you guys love it.

Moonwalking is one of the most direct and personal songs I’ve ever written. It felt natural for this to be the first single as kwassa and set the tone for where I’m at now. Lyrically it’s about how you don’t realise how much you needed something until you have in it, and meeting someone that catches you off guard and makes you feel higher than you’ve ever felt.

Despite the poppy sound, the lyrics contrast with its profundity, and kwassa’s skill in presenting the two together in such a fun-inducing way is an impressive quality that is sure to boost him far.